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Affordable Home Inventory

Doing a professional home inventory is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make.

Why Inventory

Inventory is important in the follow areas: Insurance Purposes (verify contents coverage for Flood, Fire and Theft); Estate Planning (Heir designation, Confirm valuables have been appraised); Dissolution of Marriage (Confirm all valuables, Receive reports of designation of assets); Business Purposes (Protect business for proper insurance coverage, Support value of business assets for capital leveraging); Facilitates Theft Recovery (Police reports and insurance claims are always more favorable with documentation); Moving or Relocating (Either a personal move or corporate relocation, reporting allows you to protect yourself against damaged or missing assets) and Creates Organization (Allows you to catalogue everything in your home so you can maximize what you own).

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Creating and updating an inventory of your personal possessions is one of the best ways to make the most of your homeowners...

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Regular people, whether they're homeowners or renters, need home inventories way more than the wealthy, because they need the money...

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According to a survey by The Hanover Insurance Group, homeowners receive claim payments faster when they have a home inventory...

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If homeowners had an inventory list of every item damaged inside their home, it could save adjusters up to two weeks...

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Upfront Pricing

Prices start at 19 cents per square foot.

No salespeople coming to your home to evaluate how much they can get away with charging you. No wasted time entertaining an idea before knowing how much it will cost. Recording includes all things of value including: furniture, art, jewelry, guns, books, electronics, etc. You can calculate your own price and we will confirm it with you before doing any work. 19 cents per square foot in Harris or Fort Bend Counties. Call for a quote outside of these areas. Square foot used for calculations will be determined by county appraisal site. Updates to existing reports available for $100.00 in Harris or Fort Bend Counties. Call for a quote outside of these areas. Work is considered complete 14 days after the report has been delivered.

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Please note: Pricing is subject to change and all pricing is plus sales tax. Affordable Home Inventory is fully insured.

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About Us

Anthony Gairo

After Hurricane Harvey, many homeowners lost tens of thousands of dollars in unsupported insurance claims due to lack of documentation. Documenting assets prior to such a disaster is the only way to protect yourself from further loss. These devastating storms create enough havoc in people's lives on their own. People do not need to worsen their situation by not being made whole due to insurance guidelines. Unfortunately, when it comes to insurance claims, our word is not enough. Once we decided to provide this service, the response has been bigger that we could have imagined.

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